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Latest Zeed Results for 2148 on 2023-09-28, Loto Libanais Zeed Results. Check Loto Zeed Last Winning Numbers and Loto Zeed Hot & Cold Numbers. Last 30 draws for Zeed and payouts. Live from Lebanon-loto.com

Loto Lebanon 2148 - Loto Libanais 2148 Results

Loto Libanais Zeed draws every Mondays and Thursdays at 7:30PM. Loto Lebanon (Loto Libanais) latest results are published instantly after the draw result announcement.

Thursday, Sep 28,2023
Zeed Winning Numbers Zeed Draw 2148
Jackpot: LBP 100,000,000

Zeed Libanais Winners & Payouts

Loto Libanais Zeed payouts chart below shows how many numbers you need to match to win the different prizes.

Ending Numbers Winners Prizes (LBP) Total Payouts (LBP)
68617 0
6861 2,500,000
686 200,000
68 20,000

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Select the game you want to play: Yawmiyeh 3, Yawmiyeh 4 or Yawmiyeh 5

Select your numbers from 0 to 9 choosing a number from each row: 3 numbers for Yawmiyeh 3, 4 numbers for Yawmiyeh 4, 5 numbers for Yawmiyeh 5

Choose an amount: from 500 LBP to 3,000 LBP

Choose how you would like to play: "7ayalla" or "Beddor"

If you choose "7ayalla" and your numbers turn out to be in disorder: You will win

If you choose "Beddor" and your numbers turn out to be in order: Your prize will be bigger

Loto Last Winning Numbers

List of last 30 draws for Loto including winning numbers, draws and jackpots:

Loto Statistics

You probably noticed that some numbers just seem to appear in every other draw! These frequently drawn numbers are known as hot numbers and they are used by many experienced lottery players due to their likelihood to be drawn.

Check out the list of the most, and the least, frequently drawn numbers in Loto!

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Where and How to Claim Your Prize(s)?

Played at Point of Sale

All winners have 4 months from the date shown on their ticket to claim their prize or their ticket will expire.

Grid winners from categories 5, 4 and 3 can collect their prizes from any La Libanaise Des Jeux point of sale.

Grid winners from categories 2 and 1 are requested to claim their prizes from the LLDJ headquarters.

All winners must present their LOTO receipt as a condition to receive their prizes. The person holding the winning ticket will be regarded as its owner. All Winnings exceeding 10,000 LBP are subject to a withholding Tax of 20 % as per the lebanese law.

Played by SMS

Winners of the 8,000 LBP prize will receive it as an additional credit to their phone bill:

Post paid line: prize amount will be deducted in upcoming invoice.

Pre-paid line: prize amount will be added as credit dollars.

Winners of amounts ranging from 8,000 LBP to 400,000 LBP can claim their wins at:

Points of Sale: Payment is immediate, Free of charge, 20% taxes are applicable.

Cheque via Liban Post: You will receive a check with the amount net of all applicable charges and taxes (20%), within the coming days.

Wire Transfer: Transfer will take several days after your request has been processed. You shall be charged by both banks concerned in this transaction.

Add Funds to Your Online Account: Free of Charge. Will take 2 working days after your request has been processed.

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Played on Your Online Account

Winnings are automatically added to your online account. All Winnings exceeding 10,000 LBP are subject to a withholding Tax of 20 % as per the lebanese law.


Basic Loto Grid

A LOTO ticket consists of 8 grids, each composed of 42 numbers counting from 1 to 42.

Pick 6 numbers per grid. Alternatively, you can let the machine randomly pick the numbers for you (Quick Pick).

Validate your ticket at any appointed LLDJ point of sale and ask for your receipt in return. You will use this receipt to claim your prize.

Advanced Loto Grid

The advanced LOTO grid gives you a greater chance of winning by allowing you to pick as many as 7,8,9 or 10 numbers per grid instead of 6!



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